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Within the Methodist Church we offer services of Baptism (sometimes called Christening) for babies, children and adults.  You will find a brief introduction to Baptism here, but our minister Shannon would be delighted to have a conversation with you about what Baptism involves and whether it is right for you and your family.


Infant Baptism.  The birth of a child is a special occasion and many people want to find a way of giving thanks to God for the arrival of the child, as well as having the opportunity to publicly declare that the child is a part of the wider family of God.  Here at Ben Rhydding we welcome all children as part of our church family and a service of Baptism would normally take place in our 10:30 morning service.  Our minister Shannon would be very happy to talk to you about what the service entails, which Sundays are available and answer any questions you may have.

Child Baptism.  The main difference between an Infant and Child Baptism is that in the service of Infant Baptism the parent(s) make promises on behalf of the baby, whereas in a Child Baptism the child being Baptised is invited to make a promise in addition to those made by the parent(s).  Once again all of this can be talked over with Shannon.

Adult Baptism.  This is sometimes known as a Believers Baptism.  This is available for people who haven't been Baptised as a child and who want to make a commitment to following the way of Jesus within the life of the Church.  Within the Methodist Church those who seek Adult Baptism are usually welcomed as church members in the same service.  And yes, Shannon can give you more information about this.


Service of Thanksgiving.  You may feel that an Infant or Child Baptism service isn't for you or your family, but that you still want to celebrate the arrival of your child.  The Service of Thanksgiving is for those who want to have the opportunity to give thanks for the arrival of their child, but don't feel at this moment that other parts of the Baptism for service are not for them. Shannon will be very happy to discuss the differences between services with you.

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