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Ben Rhydding Methodist Church is a warm and friendly place, welcoming all - believers, doubters and seekers - to share in its life. It is an outward looking church and is committed to finding creative ways to engage with and serve the community. There have been exhibitions and festivals in which local schools take part. There are regular events such as Musical afternoons and Thinking Point evenings. It is a Fair Trade church and there is a regular Fair Trade stall after the morning service on the second Sunday of the month as well as Fair Trade tea parties from time to time. On almost every Friday of the year the church offers a Soup Lunch, which is a happy social gathering for the community. In addition the church's facilities are in constant use by groups for activities such as baby massage, badminton, karate, dancing, bridge, stroke support and philosophy.

Its congregation enjoys a traditional style of worship and likes to be theologically challenged. It welcomes the opportunity for quiet and reflective worship, drawing on the beauty of the Arts and Crafts building. It is a generous community, raising money for a variety of causes including an annual charity chosen by members.

and an Easter message from Shannon:

Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

I would like to wish you and yours a very happy Easter. May we rejoice in the power of God's love defeating the power of evil and death through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "Love" and "new life" are God's final words. Signs of new life are everywhere in our gardens and surrounding countryside. May we all receive blessing on top of blessing this Easter.

As we celebrate this season with friends and family, let us also keep in mind those for whom Good Friday is still an everyday-lived experience. I am thinking of the people of Ukraine and all who live in fear and hunger, are victims of violence and rape, and do not know how they will  be able to face another day. Let us pray for them and all who have lost loved ones due to the atrocities that have been committed against them.

Please join me in praying for peace:

Prince of peace,

We pray for the people f Ukraine ...


          For those who stayed behind, for all who are wounded, and for all who mourn: that their spirit will not            be broken and that despite all that has happened, they will have hope for a better future.

          For those who are dispersed, living in foreign lands: may they find a new place to call home that helps              them heal from the pain and loss they have suffered;

          that their faith in you and in humankind has not been shaken to its core.

          May they experience Easter in their hearts and lives.

We pray for all those involved in peace-talks; may diplomatic resolutions be agreed so that swords for war can be transformed into plough shares to grow food and provide sustenance for the people.

We pray for the Russian people who are caught up in a war they did not want.

Based on the familiar hymn, Lord, please transform our hatred into love, injury into pardon, despair into hope, darkness into light, and sadness into joy. Make us all instruments of your peace. Amen.


~ Rev.Shannon

Ben Rhydding Methodist Church is committed to safeguarding

as an integral part of its life and ministry.

This means we will

  • promote the welfare of young children, young people and adults

  • work to prevent abuse from occurring

  • seek to protect and respond to those who have been abused