Come down, O love divine,

seek thou this soul of mine,

and visit it, with thine own ardour glowing:

O comforter, draw near,

within my heart appear,

and kindle it, thy holy flame bestowing.

Bianco da Siena

Spirit of God, unseen as the wind,

gentle as is the dove ...

Margaret V.Old

With open wings a seagull skims the spray,

 Sounding the depth below, a great whale sings,

Your spirit moves amongst them as they play

With open wings.....

Speak to my soul through all you made this day,

Through all that swims and flies and swoops and swings,

And let your spirit lift the words I say

With open wings.

                                                                        Malcolm Guite

The name Whitsunday has many possible derivations\:

one suggests that it refers to the wearing of white garments by those baptised on this day;

another has the form "Wyt sondie", having reference to the outpouring of wisdom upon the apostles "wyt" = understanding;

and in Yorkshire the word has in the past taken the form Whissun Day with a strong emphasis upon the first syllable.

This week the oldest man in the world, born in Yorkshire, died at the age of 112

Apparently he lived by the motto:

'it is better to make a friend of a possible enemy than to make an enemy of a possible friend'

ThisThiWisdom indeed.s week